New Collection


There are 222 unique 1/1 NoSolFaces. The space in which they are located is still unknown. But they will soon find their place to create something powerful on it.

How can i join?

  • follow us on twitter and join discord​
  • In discord you have to take off your face
  • get yourself a place on the whitelist in Discord or on Twitter
  • After the mint you are an official NoSolFace member

What should i do if i didn't get it from mint?

you can buy them on three marketplaces.
Magic Eden Solanart Alpha Art

Reverse NoSolFace

One week after the mint of the NoSolFaces we will enter the other universe to mint the Reverse NoSolFace.


In order for the NoSolFaces to attain their true self and faces, they need their inverted selves.

What if I have both types in my wallet?

After minting the reverse NoSolFaces, 10 winners will be selected each week if they own both forms of their same NoSolFaces.
--> At the weekend 10 winners receive their SolFace via airdrop.


What advantage does my SolFace bring me?

The lucky ones who have gained their faces will be richly rewarded.
They get 50% of the royalties of all 3 collections every week as a airdrop. These will be divided among the SolFace holders.

What are my chances of getting my face back?

You have 4.5 % chance to get a SolFace at the beginning.
If you hold both NoSolFaces, the chance increases weakly. We will add + one new place for the winners every week.
11 in the 2nd week
12 in the 3rd week
13 in the 4th week
. . .
It takes 3.5 months until all 222 have a SolFace. If there are still a few after 3.5 months left, they will be released as a 3rd Mint.

What happens afterwards?

After the 3.5 months, we will building a staking platform.
An exact date cannot be announced yet.
Planned is Q4 2022/ Q1 2023!

222 NoSolFace & 222 Reverse NoSolFace


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